I teach women how to DEVELOP and DISPLAY

the very best version of themselves.

You will DISCOVER what has been holding you back

and how to get past those hurdles.

You are going to gain the CONFIDENCE you need to

truly exercise your PASSION and pursue your PURPOSE.

I will hold you ACCOUNTABLE when you want to give up

and provide a LISTENING ear when you need one.

-Karen Curtis, LPC






Reinvent Yourself As The Woman You Want To Become!


I understand your struggle to find balance between all of your life rolls, frustration with a body and clothes that are just not working for you, being stressed and ultimately never feeling like you are enough. My clients have shared with me things that they don’t want to share with anyone else. You want to feel confident in EVERY area of your life. You desire a balanced and fulfilling life. There are dozens of women that feel the exact same way that are also ready to move forward.

The Solution

By investing in yourself and working with me, you will discover and tap into all of the things that make you great, you will genuinely radiate positivity and peacefulness, when you seamlessly make choices that compliment and align with the vision that you have for your life. You CAN reflect confidence and security from the inside out. We will cover all of the areas that impact your personal brand. (Yes, YOU are a brand!) Just spend a little time with me!

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Meet Karen

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I’m Karen Curtis, a North Carolina girl living in Washington, DC. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with training as a personal stylist, helping others to be the very best they can be.

I am passionate about so many things, but have the most fun when I am seeing my friends and family, attending church, planning my next vacation, discovering new things about personal finance and experimenting with style. I am not an expert at any of it – but I have figured out what fuels my life.

I really love exploring new places. I have traveled to England, Haiti, Czech Republic, Austria, Mexico, France, Bahamas and the Dominican Republic. I have been blessed enough to experience some truly incredible destinations.

You and I probably have a lot in common. I adore pretty things, the way it feels when I get a compliment when wearing a new outfit, the thrill of finding the perfect lip color, reading a good book and trying to be healthy (while still indulging my sweet tooth!). I also love to help others and see them shine.

As an entrepreneur, each day I diligently, passionately and creatively work towards achieving my goals…I hope to encourage you to always dream BIG and know that it is never too late to start living the life you imagined.

Aside from my role as coach, I am also a wife and new mommy to a baby boy.

Oh yeah, I want to personally invite you to join the YSK Style Club {it’s totally free}. My hope is that YSK will be interactive, just as you are taking the time to read about me – I would love to get to know about you! Please reply to the email you get after signing up for YSK Style Club and let me know what you are struggling with right now.